From an early age I have enjoyed all types of creative writing including haiku. These bite-sized poems are comprised of three lines with exactly 5, 7, and 5 syllables each. The following are seven random haikus that I have written. If you are feeling creative yourself I would encourage you try your hand at some and please feel free to share!

The Christian witness
Our lives lived out on canvas;
Painted with purpose

Welcoming others as friends;
The first time you meet

The Christian journey
Daily choices that are made;
To keep your first choice

Missional mindset
Purpose over preference;
What would Jesus do?

Hypocrisy reigns
When Christianity is

A broken cistern
No water to quench one’s thirst
Many still return

The Imago Dei
Created to be creative
Living works of art

The Incarnation
An ultimate act of love
God becoming flesh

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