Good morning!!! I like to ponder life a lot. I think that is one way we can grow. I think it’s really beneficial to ask yourself tough question and seek God and your inner self for some answers. I don’t think you have to dwell on them continuously, but being able to identify some answers to these question can offer a dose of healing. Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about.

Here is a really simple question. Have you ever made an important decision which had a major impact on your life? I can only answer for myself and the answer is most definitely YES. There have been times when the decision I made was so beneficial to my life that it has brought me much reward and blessing. For instance, my decision to attend pharmacy school many years ago has enabled me to pursue a career and provide for my family. I would say that was one of the best decisions of my life. I have no regrets whatsoever on that one.

Let’s flip the coin a bit. I have also made decisions that didn’t turn out so great. Looking back on my life I can definitely see times when the choices I made led to more problems than anything. The one area that this often shows up most is our relationship choices. I can only speak from the lens of my past relationships and I can see how God has guided the outcome because I couldn’t see clearly at the time.  I will be the first to admit that I haven’t made the best relationship choices. The main reason for that is that I never included God in on that decision. 

Most of my life, especially before I made Christ my savior, I chose relationships that looked good on the outside. I’m here to tell you that looks can be deceiving and often misleading. I think that is why God reminds us that we should not judge by the outside and look at the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7). God looks and knows our heart and makes decisions on what is on the inside—not the packaging. It’s kinda like going to the store when you are hungry. You browse the freezer case or the snack aisle for something that will satisfy your hunger and end up picking the box with the most appealing picture. We never really turn the box over and looks at the ingredients and decide if it is good for us.

Friends, I’m no expert and God knows I’ve made a ton of poor decisions and mistakes. I’ve picked the wrong girls to date and I even initially picked the wrong one to marry (and later divorced) but I’m here today to tell you that we serve a God who loves us and wants the best for us. Despite my poor choices I can honestly say that God has given me a second chance and blessed me with an amazing wife and an incredible family and He was able to turn my heart towards Him. I can also say that God has changed the way I make a decision. I try my best to avoid the impulse buy or snap decision. I do my best to include Him in the process and I have been blessed because of it.

Life is very complicated and we are faced with decisions each and every day. My hope and prayer is that each and every one of you who read this will take a few minutes to evaluate how you make decisions. I pray that You include God in on even the small choices. You will be amazed at the difference it can make.

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