Good morning!!! That’s the way that most of us typically greet one another without giving it a second thought but what constitutes a “good morning”? How would you define it?

For me it would involve a cup of coffee and some quiet time before I start my day but someone else might describe a good morning as one where they can sleep in, where deadlines do not exist, or where the kids get ready for school without a fuss.

For others a good morning might simply be one where they get to see another sunrise, take another breath, and experience another day.

It obviously all depends on perspective, personal preferences, and current circumstances. So what exactly are we saying when we say “Good morning”?

All of it and then some. We are telling the other person that we hope that their day starts off in such a way that they are going to go to sleep that night counting their blessings.

Or maybe we just mean “hi” and hope to get on with our own agenda.

I would challenge you to try to make it mean the former. Even as you speak it to someone today say a simple prayer under your breath asking God to bless them and all they need to accomplish. You may say the same words but your intent will come through.

So, to all of you reading this this morning I want to wish you a very…


Now go and make someone else’s morning good as well. 😄

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