Happy Monday!!!

I spent yesterday praising God in the morning at FreeChurch.net and then praising Him more at the P.A.C.T. Good Friday Service in the evening and I can honestly say that even if The Bills hadn’t trounced The Jets yesterday that I would have gone to bed with a smile on my face because there is just something joyful about being in the presence of God and His people.

I want to encourage you to find time each day this week to spend in worship. It may not always be possible to gather with others but it IS always possible to praise God throughout the day.

  • Turn on Your favorite Christian station or playlist while you commute to work
  • Start and end the day with prayer
  • Ask a friend to get a cup of coffee with you and enjoy the gift of fellowship
  • Intentionally look for things that you can thank God for throughout the day
  • Spend some time in The Word
  • Meet with a Small Group
  • Find a mid-week service to attend
  • Watch a service online (better yet, sing along!)
  • Find ways to acknowledge God’s generosity toward you by extending generosity to others

There are a lot more possibilities. Get creative. And I guarantee you will see a difference in your own attitude at the end of each day.

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