“I’m fine.”

We’ve all given this pat answer when asked how we are doing, right? It’s the easy answer, the simple answer, even the expected answer, but it’s not always the real answer.

Now you aren’t expected to bare your soul with every person who offers you a polite, “How are you doing?”, as they pass you by at the grocery store but there does need to be certain people and certain places where you can let your guard down, show some vulnerability, and share what is really on your heart and mind.

Whether it’s your spouse, best friend, pastor, therapist, coworker, or member of your small group at church I would encourage you to figure out who the person(s) is and make it a point to be real with them at least once a week. And, if they are wanting and willing, allow them to do the same.

As we navigate this world filled with pseudo friendships founded through social media we need to make sure that we are intentionally making some real connections with real people who really care about how we are doing physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

John Wesley used to start his Class Meetings by asking the question, “How is it with your soul today?” Imagine if even one person asked you that one question even once a week and you answered honestly, knowing that you would be heard with intent to pray for you and not simply fix you or your situation?

My hope is that each of you would seek out and find such a person and, in the meantime, let me ask you sincerely…


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