FYI – each week of Advent starting on Sunday each of our TAKE 5 bloggers will take turns answering a question or commenting on the same theme. That takes place Sun-Thur. On Fridays I will be posting an Advent Prayer that coincides with that week and then on Saturday I will simply post a passage of Scripture for you to meditate on your own.

O’God of Christmas past
and of Christmas still to come.
We pray to You during this first week of Advent
and ask that you fill our hearts with the same longing for Messiah
as those who watched and waited centuries ago.
Help us to be mindful of all of our desires at this time and to cleanse our hearts by casting aside any that take our eyes off of You.
Let us live is such a way that should Christ return tonight
he will find us doing those things expected of us and be pleased.
In Jesus’ name,

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